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Some companies recommend holding performance meetings to evaluate how everyone is doing and note areas of improvement. Tracking and archiving employee activity can also be helpful if you need proof of a disgruntled former employee’s poor behavior. There are different types of monitoring that businesses can use to optimize their operations. Most employee monitoring software companies are transparent with their pricing and post rates on their websites.

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However, if you have a lot of employees, most companies encourage you to speak with a sales representative for custom pricing. Employee monitoring software often relies on a per-user licensing system charged at a monthly or annual rate.

For more detailed information, though, you’ll need extensive notification options, and the best software has both real-time monitoring and real-time alerts. For instance, you may choose to be alerted if an employee downloads a document online or tries to access a forbidden website. Since notifications alert you to specific occurrences and reports give you a staffwide overview, you’ll get the most out of your software when you use both options together. We also looked for any additional features that might be useful or effective.

Other software vendors charge a one-time licensure fee that allows the software to be used forever, along with an annual subscription for tech support and software updates. SentryPC offers customer support for technical issues through a ticket system, but there is no phone line or live chat channel. Resources include an integrated support section with documentation to help you install the program, troubleshoot any issues and learn about the finer points of the software. Despite its comprehensive slate of features, Teramind is relatively straightforward to install and use. To start, admins must first download the Teramind agent on each computer they wish to monitor.

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Conversely, you can use employee monitoring software in transparent mode, which allows employees to see the surveillance software on their device. This depends on the software you use and the mode you deploy. For example, you can use employee monitoring software in stealth mode, which does not let your employees know they are being monitored.

You can run employee monitoring software in either stealth mode or transparent mode. Stealth mode, also known as silent mode, means employees aren’t aware they are being monitored. Transparent monitoring is when your employees can see the surveillance program on their computers. Monitoring your employees’ device usage can be a good way to motivate Read the full info here. Recommended version to use Winrar This version is stable and doesn’t require many resources. them to use their time wisely.

It’s ideal to be able to reach tech support via phone, email, live chat or online ticketing, though even some of the best companies only offer one or two of these support avenues. Live chat is typically the fastest way to connect with a representative. Most companies also have extensive self-help resources on their websites that you can always refer to such as how-to guides, video tutorials and FAQs pages. Pay attention to how the software’s reports and notifications work. It should provide regular reports with easy-to-read statistics and visual breakdowns of employee habits.

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Agents can be run in stealth or freelance mode, depending on whether you want employees to know they are being monitored. All plans include two months free if you select annual billing instead of month to month. You can use Teramind’s pricing tool to determine the exact cost for your company based on the number of devices you wish to monitor and any terminal servers you want to add. Product and service reviews are conducted independently by our editorial team, but we sometimes make money when you click on links. To extract the aggregate ranking from the criteria determined by researchers and industry experts, weightage is provided.

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